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Custom Orders: Local & Shipping

Please fill out the form below to request a dish made just for you. The dishes are offered in half-pan and full-pan increments only and they are available for shipping & local delivery. 

The prices are listed next to each dish (excludes taxes where applicable and shipping/delivery charge), we'll follow up with an email and an invoice after we receive your request. 

We ship only on Monday & Tuesday. Please see the top banner for shipping dates. 

Local delivery is on Friday & Saturday. Delivery charge is $1 per mile from our Longwood kitchen. Delivery is complimentary for orders over $750 (within 10 miles). 


Please note that we do not offer same-day delivery for local orders. 

Rice Dishes 

  • Jollof Rice

    Jollof rice is an extremely popular dish in West Africa. It's made with red bell pepper, tomatoes, and onions blended together to create the base that the rice is cooked. 

  • Fried Rice

    We take pride in the way we make our fried rice. We make it the delicious old fashion way, we actually fry the rice. We don't put it in the oven because, YES!, you can absolutely taste the difference. Our fried rice comes standard with medium size shrimp, liver, carrots, peas, and corn.

  • Native Jollof Rice

    Native Jollof Rice, also called Village Jollof is both flavorful and rich. It's cooked in palm oil and loaded with proteins.

  • Rice & Peas

    White rice cooked with black-eye peas, bay leaves, and coconut oil.

​Soups & Stews

  • Efo-Riro (Vegetable Soup)

    Our vegetable stew is made with our tomato-based stew as the base, we then add in the collard greens, and your choice of protein. Allergy Information: This dish is seasoned with dried shrimp/crayfish.

  • Egusi

    Egusi stew is a very popular dish in Nigeria. It's made with dried melon seeds, fried in palm oil, and garnished with spinach and your choice of protein. Allergy Information: This dish is seasoned with dried shrimp/crayfish.

  • Red Stew

    Our red stew is made with fresh red bell peppers and tomatoes. They are made fresh with your choice of protein.

  • Ayamase (Fried Green Pepper Stew)

    Ayamase, also known as the designer stew is made with fresh green peppers and onions. We fry it in palm oil, season to taste and add in the assorted meat.

  • Ila Alasepo (Okra Soup)

    Our okra soup is a combination of fresh peppers and okra, cooked together with palm oil and seasoned to taste. This dish contains crayfish as do all our other stews. Allergy Information: This dish is seasoned with dried shrimp/crayfish.

  • Ogbono Soup

    Ogbono soup is a delicious Nigerian dish made with dried ogbono seeds.

  • Assorted Peppersoup

  • Goat meat pepper soup

  • Tilapia Peppersoup

Rice Dishes
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Soups & Stews

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Allergen disclaimer:  we cook in an environment where shellfish is present. 

Rice Dishes

native rice

nigerian fried rice

jollof rice



peppered fish

peppered beef

peppered chicken

curried shrimps

soups & stews

Vegetable stew/efo riro


egusi stew

okra soup

puff puff

ofada sauce

ogbono soup

assorted peppersoup

assorted stew


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