Contactless Door Delivery

We offer free contactless door delivery to the following zip codes: 28079, 28104, 28105, 28110, 28112, 28212, 28227, 28270.

Step #1

Review and place your order from the local delivery section

Step #2

We offer free contactless door delivery to the zip codes listed above.


If you are outside of these areas you'll only see the option to have your order delivered to your door via UPS. This option will follow our normal shipping schedule listed on the top banner.

Step #3

We currently deliver on Fridays & Saturdays between 3 pm & 7 pm.  You'll be able to pick your preferred day during the checkout process.

step #4

Delivery is contactless.

Your order will be delivered to your door within the time frame stated.

Your dishes will be delivered in an insulated bag that'll keep your dishes cool for up to 3 hours. 

(We'd love to recycle, so if you reorder we'd appreciate it if you leave your insulated bag at your door when we make your next delivery.)

Once your order is at your door, we will send you a text message. 

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