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At Forks & Fingers, we bring Nigerian food directly to your doorsteps anywhere in the United States. Forks & Fingers was founded in December 2020 due to the limited availability of Nigerian restaurants across the United States. We believe Nigerian cuisine is just too delicious to not be easily accessible for those who crave it and those who want to try it. So, whether this is your first time trying Nigerian food or you're craving a taste of home, my goal is to bring you authentic, fresh, and of course, delicious dishes that'll have you coming back for more. 


Meet Abike Oyedele

Hi! My name is Abike and it is both an honor and a pleasure to serve you.


I was born in Nigeria but I've been living in the United States for almost 3 decades now. I'm a mom to 3 young kiddos and a wife to an amazing man who I also get to call my best friend. 

I am one of 9 girls so cooking was inevitable. I've always enjoyed cooking but I never thought I'd be cooking professionally. 

I've been catering in an informal setting for friends and family for years (birthday parties, graduation, e.t.c.), and in December 2020, I decided to take a leap of faith and start Forks & Fingers. 

I can definitely say I've never worked this hard in my life (and this is coming from someone who had 3 jobs and went to school) but I can say I absolutely enjoy what I do and all the friends I've made along the way. 

I look forward to making something for you soon. 

Stay fabulous,


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