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Catering Menu

Thank you for considering us to be a part of your special occasion. No matter what you're celebrating, we'd love to celebrate with you. Whether you're located locally or across state lines, we can prepare your package for local pickup or delivery (local customers) or prepare your catering package for delivery to your door anywhere in the U.S.A.

Our catering packages are also a great way to balance work & life. Too busy to make dinner? Place an order from our catering menu to ensure you have food for the entire family. Catering menu items are sold in half-pan and full-pan increments only. 

Need prepackaged meals for your corporate event or other gatherings? We do that too. Please reach out and we'll be happy to serve.

Catering orders for shipping generally need to be booked 2-3 weeks in advance. Local catering orders can be booked a week in advance based on availability. 

Catering Inquiry
The only way to guarantee the dish you need will be available for delivery for Easter is to preorder.

Rice Dishes
Protein Options
Soups & Stews

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Rice Dishes 

Jollof Rice:


Quarter Pan: $50  Half Pan: $90


Nigerian Fried Rice:


Quarter Pan: $100  Half Pan: $160



Native Jollof Rice:

Quarter Pan: $100  Half Pan: $160

Protein Dishes

Peppered Beef


Quarter Pan: $80  Half Pan: $150


Peppered Goat Meat


Quarter Pan: $100  Half Pan: $200



Peppered Whiting Fish

Quarter Pan: $70  Half Pan: $140


Peppered Chicken

Quarter Pan: $70  Half Pan: $140


Curried Shrimps

Quarter Pan: $80  Half Pan: $160

Soups & Stews

Assorted Meat Peppersoup 


Quarter Pan: $85  Half Pan: $160


Ofada Sauce 


Quarter Pan: $125  Half Pan: $250




Quarter Pan: $125  Half Pan: $250


Egusi Stew/Vegetable Stew/Okra Soup/Ogbono Soup

Quarter Pan: $100  Half Pan: $160


Meat Pie

10 pieces: $50       25 pieces: $125     50 pieces: 200



Quarter Pan: $35  Half Pan: $60


Puff Puff

Quarter Pan: $25  Half Pan: $45

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