Special Orders & Requests

This special order section provides additional dishes that are not available on our regular weekly menu. Please read below for some important information BEFORE placing an order from this section. 

  1. Special order items do not follow our normal shipping schedule. Typically we skip one shipping cycle and ship on the next. 

  2. If you place an order from the special order section and also from our regular menu, all your dishes will ship together according to our special order shipping schedule. 

  3. If you want to place an order from our special request section and our regular menu, it's best to place these orders separately unless you're okay with waiting an extra week for us to ship everything together with your special order item(s).

  4. Special order dishes are sold in half a pan increments only.

  5. This section might be unavailable periodically based on order volume, especially going into the holiday season.

  6. Questions? Please reach out BEFORE placing an order from this section by clicking HERE.  

  7. Please remember that per our store policy, cancelation incurs a 5% penalty as we still have to pay for the payment processing fees associated with your order even if you cancel. Again, please reach out with questions prior to placing your order to avoid the need to cancel.