At least a few times a day, I receive emails saying "Abike, I found you on Facebook, now I see your Ads everywhere, can you help me do that?"  or, emails from restaurant owners who would love to ship to their customers but they just don't know where to begin with shipping perishable items. If any of these applies to you then my service offering below might just be what you need. 

I offer classes for Facebook Ads as well as Shipping Perishable Goods. 

For the Audience Research & Facebook Ads Bundle, I will teach you how to build your customer avatar and how to understand your ideal target. We will then create your sales funnel. I'll teach you how to create your campaign, the power of retargeting, and how to meet your customers where they are. 

An important point to note is that I will only accept clients that I feel I can help succeed. If I feel my services will not be of benefit to you, I will share that with you and point you in the correct direction. 

For the Shipping Perishable Food Service, After understanding your market and goals, I'll assist with packaging, the best way to ship, maximum transit time, and any other questions you have surrounding shipping perishable foods. This service also includes two follow-up calls (15mins each) as you prepare for your first and second shipment. 

Audience research & Facebook ads

An in-depth look at how to research your target audience and build your customer Avatar. This would be your first step before running Facebook Ads.

After the audience research phase, we will work on creating your campaign, targeting the right people, creating your funnel, retargeting, e.t.c.

Time Commitment: 2-6hrs

Starting at $499

shipping perishable goods

I've put in the work and resources to get the knowledge to help you ship perishable goods efficiently and safely. Let's talk about your goals and how I can serve you.

We'll discuss the type of food you plan on shipping, the best container to use, where to find them, how to package it, how to make sure it arrives fresh and undamaged, e.t.c.

This comes with 2 follow-up calls to touch base and provide additional guidance as necessary.

Time Commitment: 1hr

Starting at $149

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