Special Orders & Requests

Special Orders are dishes that are not a part of our regular menu but can be made for you upon request. Orders placed as a part of our special order menu do not necessarily ship according to our shipping schedule. Once your invoice is sent, we will let you know the date your order will ship. Payments are expected within 24hrs of the invoice in order for the shipping date to be valid. 

What would you like to order?
Meats & Seafood
Soups, Stews & More

Fried Fish Stew

Fish stew.JPG

Stewed Beans & Corn

Beans & Corn 2.JPG

Designer spaghetti
W/shrimps & chicken


peppered shrimps

Peppered Shrimps.JPG

Fried beef stew


beef suya

Suya 4.jpg


GOat Asun 3.JPG

Okra soup

Ila Alasepo.JPG

Moin moin


Curry chicken

Curry Chicken and white rice.JPG

assorted asun


Asaro (yam porridge)

Asaro 2.PNG